SAP SLO and LT: Fast Data Transformation (VELOCE)

How long does it take adapting IT data to a Corporate reorganization?

How to effectively mirror the change in SAP data structure after a new company acquisition or divestiture?

INQUAERO VELOCE is our proposal for supporting all Business Transformation related topics, also known as SLO (System Landscape Optimization) or more recently LT (Landscape Transformation).

Typical Use Cases for Business Transformation are:

  • Corporate Reorganizations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Carve-outs & Divestitures
  • System Consolidation & Data Harmonization
  • System preparation for S/4 HANA move



Assessment phase can be triggered by INQUAERO™ SEMPLICE PREMIUM EDITION analysis.

Data volume assessment will help fine-tuning the project scope by collecting critical elements and constraints (such as the estimation of the size of data volume affected by a transformation project).

Running a proper assessment at an early stage is a must for a successful project.

We can help you identify the best technologies for any Business Transformation specific scenario.


We can drive you through all the phases of your transformation project.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of SAP data models and applications, we can support in translating business needs into technical transformation rules.

Realization can be performed either by using SAP standard transformation tools (such as SAP LT or SAP TDMS), or by any other custom SLO solution.

No matter the distance, we’ll bring you to the final data transformation goal.


One time transformation or iterated processes?

Depending on your specific requirements you might be in need for recurrent Data Transformation activities, for example:

  • Scheduled Quality Systems refreshes, with a reduced dataset by SAP TDMS or
  • Planned divestitures by SAP LT Company Code Deletion package

If this is the case, we are here to support with:

  • SLO Knowledge Transfer for in-house execution
  • End-To-End managed-service