About Us…

a team of SAP professionals with 20+ Years of Experience in SAP “Niche” Consulting & Solutions


Our Vision

We want to become a point of reference for companies wishing to embrace digital transformation thanks to our innovative advice, oriented towards high Performance, Value and quick Return on Investment.

Our area of excellence is in SAP Data Management and GDPR Compliance, with a specific focus on SAP System Landscape Transformation.
We pursue efficiency and performance in data migration and conversion, and complement our offering with the translation and integration of non-SAP applications into modern SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Fiori environments.

Our Mission

We design and implement state-of-the-art software solutions. We improve and simplify business information flows.

We like doing it with consistency, commitment and seriousness, looking and analyzing data with the transparent eyes of a child.




Michele Angelo Pinton

Partner and founder of Inquaero Srl, he was born in near Milan in 1974. Michele attended the “Liceo Classico” and completed the academic career with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Milan Polytechnic. He immediately entered the Information Technology field under SAP umbrella, with an initial focus on Production Planning (PP) and Supply Chain Management (SCM). He took service in primary consulting firms, before landing to SAP Italy in 2007, where he matured his skills. Here he held roles with increasing responsibilities, from “simple” consulting to project management for challenging Italian and international projects of Business Transformation and System Consolidation.

In 2017 he abandoned his career as an employee and, together with his partner Francesco Alborghetti, ventured into a new entrepreneurial initiative. Inquaero is born.


Francesco Alborghetti

Partner and founder of Inquaero Srl. Born in Chiari (Brescia) in 1974. First accountant, and then philosopher, he completed his studies at the University of Milan, faculty of Philosophy. Always passionate about computer science he attended – by chance – an ABAP / 4 course, the “language” of SAP, from which his career as a “technical” SAP consultant would originate. At first employed in major SAP-partner consulting companies, he was hired directly by SAP Italy in 2007. Here he successfully carried out numerous System Landscape Optimization (SLO) projects, and then entered the SAP HANA Centre of Excellence (HANA CoE), where he has deepened its expertise in the SAP Fiori UI5 area, by releasing modern cloud applications for primary SAP customers.

In 2017 he abandoned his career as an employee and, together with his partner Michele Pinton, ventured into a new entrepreneurial initiative. Inquaero is born.